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Our new website is now live!

After months of hard work, we’re pretty excited to announce that our new website is now live! Not only are we launching the website, but we’ve also done some meticulous work into who we are and what our vision is; so we can showcase to you what we are all about.

What are we all about?

We are building a more conscious industry. At Higgs Building Co. we’re conscious of our impact on future generations. In fact, we’re revolutionising the building industry because of it.

Kiwi families deserve a building industry that makes conscious choices; choices that are beautifully crafted as they are environmentally considered.

With each home we build or renovate, we’re helping to make this the new standard for building in New Zealand.

We’re helping to make a future that is Beautifully Crafted. Consciously Built.

Our new website.

With the newly designed website we can now give you a better experience and more knowledge on why you might choose to build with us. We know that building can be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, so it was imperative for us to be as transparent about our processes, our guarantees and who we are.

We are pretty proud to finally bring to life our goal of consciously building beautiful homes that leave a long-term impact. Our vision is for every Kiwi to live in a high-performance or passive home, it’s better for our people and better for our environment.

So why would you want to build more consciously? Go explore our High Performance page, where we explain all the benefits of building a High Performance or passive home. From reducing energy consumption, meaning more money in your back pocket, to living in a warmer, healthier home. Also we explain why building a high-performance or passive house is investing in your future and how this investment ripples outwards, creating social, environmental and economic benefits. We believe the more Kiwis who have access to these homes, the better for everyone.

We are also renovation experts and we also can help you up-level your current home to become more energy efficient as well!

We have some really exciting projects in the pipeline and now we have a place where we can showcase them all. We have a new design and build that under-construction now. This beautiful build is designed by Tawa Architecture, and features higher performing materials and layout that will help the home be energy efficient and of a high standard.

Not only will we be consistently adding more bespoke projects to our website, but we will be working hard to bring you new content on trends in the building industry, new planet-friendly materials that you can use and education on why it’s so important to build consciously.

To follow our journey, check us out on Instagram or on facebook.

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