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Building more sustainable with Lunawood.

When choosing materials to build with, we always like to have sustainability at the forefront of our minds. Building differently and lessening our impact on our earth is one of our core values at Higgs, so it just made sense to use Lunawood Thermowood, for one of our recent builds.

A bit about Lunawood Thermowood.

Sustainability is the most important feature of Lunawood. Sourced from well-managed, sustainable Nordic forests. In Finland, they only cut 75% of the annual growth and whenever one tree is cut, four new ones are seeded. In this way, the forest constantly binds more carbon than it emits.

Prolonged life cycle.

Lunawood has a minimal environmental impact compared to non-renewable materials, chemically treated wood and tropical hardwoods. The thermal modification process gives Lunawood excellent durability, allowing it to act as a long-term storage point of CO₂.

Wood at its purest form.

Lunawood is a natural material produced entirely from heat and steam – without any toxins or chemicals. Due to its patented thermal modification, Lunawood products are pure, safe, and hygienic for indoor use, even for allergy sufferers who are prone to wood-related reactions. Thanks to the resin-free property, the knots don’t show up through paints or tints, even over time.

Low maintenance and made for all climates.

Lunawood does not require surface treatment in any climate. When left untreated, it gradually develops a beautiful silver colour. Proven to work well, even in the most challenging climates. Does not react to changes in humidity.

Dimensionally stable

Significantly improved dimensional stability. Lunawood retains its original shape better than untreated wood.

Beautifully Crafted Lunawood.

We sourced our Lunawood from our local JSC Timber Supplier. Highly recommend working with these guys!

If you want to read more about Lunawood, visit their website or contact us today, to discuss how you can include more sustainable materials in your next new build or renovation.

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